How do I protect my creative works? provides a third-party, non-repudiation, registered dating of your original digital creation. By using this service, you publicly associate your digital copyright and defined rights to you. To register a copyright, you need to create an account and select what kind of work you would like to protect. After that, you will instantly receive unique digital file signatures of your work's files registered to your name.

How do I protect my website? protects your website pages by taking their exact source code snapshots, storing them in its database and monitoring them on a regular basis. By displaying the protection badge you also deter potential thieves from stealing your content.

What does the "account status: verified" on the registration certificate mean?

Verified status indicates that the registration certificate belongs to a paid subscriber and that their account has been validated.

How do I get verified?

You may get verified by purchasing one of our subscriptions which will also provide you with many other benefits available only to our paid subscribers.

Why should I register a copyright?

If you have created something that has value for you then you need to be able to protect it from being copied, stolen, or subject to other unauthorized use. To do this, you need to be able to prove that you are the rightful owner of the work. If someone else publishes your work under their name then they will be assumed to be the rightful copyright-holder, unless you can prove otherwise. Registering your work through is quick and easy and provides independent third-party verification of your ownership of your work.

How much does it cost to register a copyright?

Absolutely nothing! allows you to register as many copyrights as you like completely free of charge. Be sure to check out our premium plans to be able to register more works, protect more websites, display a "verified" status on your registration certificates and other useful benefits.

How soon will my work be protected?

Your work will be protected as soon as it is successfully uploaded to our server. You will also be provided with a unique digital signature of your work and protection badge.

Who can register copyrights?

Anyone who has created an original work may register it through This includes writers, artists, composers, photographers, computer programmers, and anyone else who creates original works.

Is the copyright protection you provide valid worldwide?

Yes, provides a public date registration of your original digital creations. This process is verifiable proof worldwide that your digital creation was registered to you and by you on a specific date.

Do I have to display the "Registered & Protected" badge on my website?

Yes, in order for our system to be able to find, scan and monitor your website you must place a badge on the pages you would like to protect. It also discourages potential plagiarists from copying, stealing or misappropriating your work.

Why should I prove my copyright is protected?

You should provide evidence of your copyright on all public displays of your original creations so that nobody can claim they thought your creation was part of the public domain. The public domain consists of original creations available "copyright free" to the whole public. Copyright infringers often claim the public domain defense and can be let off the hook if no public display was with your original creations defining your copyright.

By displaying the copyright badge which points to your registration page you provide evidence of your copyright. The badge also helps prevent copyright infringement as it shows that you have taken steps to protect your creations.

What is a digital file signature?

The digital file signature is a hash value that uniquely identifies a data file. It is used in detecting tampering of electronic documents and cannot be reconstructed from any other digital file signature. It is because two files that differ even by a single character will have completely different digital signatures.

What do the numbers and letters in the digital file signature mean?

The letters and numbers in a digital file signature are created by the algorithm uses to determine the uniqueness of your original digital creation. This combination of letters and numbers will always be unique to your digital creation as long as the creation is not changed.

What should I do if someone infringes on my copyright?

You should send the infringer a cease and desist notification and point them to your date registration with If there is no response from the infringer you should seek legal counsel and pursue the course of action you feel is necessary for your case.

Will help me enforce my copyright?

is not a lawyer or a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law or provide legal advice or legal representation. It does provide a public date registration service and backups of original work files and website pages, which can be used to enforce your copyright, however that responsibility is up to you.

What does non-repudiation mean?

Non-repudiation is the assurance that someone cannot deny something. incorporates this concept into the copyright registration process which uses digital file signatures. Registering a copyright with creates verifiable proof you are the copyright owner from the date of the registration forward.